The average amount of sessions required to enable understanding of the issues at hand as well as some initial shifts/changes is 3- 6 sessions. It’s usually best to have the first few sessions on a fortnightly basis then move to monthly or as required. 

2024 FEES (All sessions are 60 Minutes)
Monday to Thursday Sessions: $193 incl.GST
Saturday Sessions: $220 incl.GST

*If you have a concession card of any sort I will honour 15% off the hourly rate for a maximum of 4 sessions.

**If you don’t have a concession card but need support and and can’t afford the full fee I will honour the same

You can expect to feel comfortable to talk freely about yourself and the issues weighing you down.

You can expect to feel heard, understood and accepted exactly as you are.

You can expect to explore options, find answers and then develop the confidence and drive to start making positive changes, at your own pace.

You can expect to share a laugh, shed a tear, feel challenging emotions and feel uplifting emotions.

You can expect to evolve in to a person you genuinely like and want to care for.

You can expect empathy, compassion and confidentiality. 

You can expect to feel lighter, brighter, healthier and happier.

No, you don’t need a referral and unfortunately my service isn’t available for claim via medicare, nor most private health insurers but it’s always worth checking your policy.

Our work together requires mutual commitment to the sessions you schedule. Please observe the following Cancellation Policy:
If you cancel your session within 24 hours of the scheduled time the full fee is payable.

You will receive an invoice via email, usually on the night of your session.
Payment is made online and is required within 24 hours.

I’m happy to discuss an alternative arrangement if this isn’t workable for you. 

In my practice, counselling is the process of talking about and working through your problems in a supportive and positive way. It will help you to clarify issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness. Often, just the process of talking about your concerns and being truly listened to, is helpful and provides great insight. Once we have identified the strategies/behaviours that will help you move forward, my support will include coaching to help you keep living the life that fosters optimal health (mind, body and emotions) and overall wellbeing (purpose, meaning, fulfilment, happiness).

Jo Woods