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Inward Retreat

A valuable introspective experience.

(Only available in-person)

Inward Retreat is a half day self awareness immersion designed to attune you to your mind and body which is where life satisfaction and inner peace is experienced.

Throughout the retreat you will be guided through a series of helpful teachings and mindbody practices that will positively shape how you function and relate in everyday life. We will be particularly focussing on improving how you manage unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, urges and actions as well as how to support the challenging emotions that accompany them.

Inward Retreat is presented in four sessions;
Awareness, Acceptance, Compassion and Wisdom.
Each session will include related teachings and practices with music and conclude with a period of reflection and rest.

As this is an introspective retreat there will be no interaction between fellow retreaters however you are welcome to communicate with me at any time. Moving through the retreat with ‘group silence’ will enable you to minimise distraction and maintain continuous mindbody connection – a highly valuable practice in itself.

Inward Retreat is a ‘recalibration of Self’; you will learn healthier ways to manage your problems and pains and wiser ways of being in relationship with yourself and others. It’s a great stand alone option to working through the issues you’re currently facing or as a complement to private sessions.

Inward Retreat is open to everyone and is limited to 12 people so be quick to secure your spot. 

DATE:  The next Inward Retreat will be late 2023/early 2024. 
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VENUE:  Bayside – TBC 
COST: $220 (incl. gst)
You can pay in full or in 2 fortnightly instalments.

Please note the cancellation policy is strictly no refunds or credits.
You can transfer your place to another person no later than 24 hours prior or you can attend the entire retreat via live stream. 

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If you have any questions please contact me on 0412 329 511 

Jo Woods - Inward Retreat

Who is it for?

Inward Retreat is for people who want to: 

  • Develop and/or deepen self awareness to enable a sense of purpose, meaning and control in daily life. 
  • Learn how to live authentically which is to decrease/close the gap between the version of ‘Self’ that is presented to the world and the one that operates inside. 
  • Develop a more connected relationship with ‘Self’ which clarifies values aligned behaviour/lifestyle choices and general direction. 
  • Unhook from unhelpful behaviour (thinking, urges & actions) 
  • Understand a current issue more deeply and clarify a values aligned path forward.
  • Be able to handle strong emotional surges and communicate effectively. 
  • Increase life satisfaction and inner peace. 

What can I expect on the day?

  • 4 Hours of complete ‘you time’: mindbody introspection & grounding
  • 22 pages of comprehensive notes about the teachings presented
  • An ‘additional content’ section to keep you learning and evolving.   
  • Wholehearted guidance and support from Jo Woods
  • No group interaction
  • A sense of connection with yourself and with the group
  • Brief bathroom and snack breaks 
  • Mindbody practices including mindful breathing and gentle movement 
  • Music breaks for reflection and rest
  • The opportunity to ask questions – during and after. 
  • A clarified sense of purpose, meaning, control and optimism.

What can I expect afterwards?

  • Improved awareness of thoughts/beliefs, emotions and urges and the ability to choose values aligned actions
  • Commitment to self care practices which enable optimal mindbody wellbeing
  • Connection to your internal anchor to help you remain grounded amidst emotional surges
  • More awareness about a current issue you’re facing and clarity about how to manage it in line with your values. 
  • Increased clarity about what matters which will increase your satisfaction of daily life.
  • Confidence in your ability to go inward to retreat from the chaos of life whenever the need arises.
  • PLUS an email one day after with links to view/listen to the recording of all 4 sessions

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