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If you’re wanting to feel more confident, clear and connected and more satisfied and stable and/or want to improve your relationship with yourself and others, you’re in the right place.

Over 28 days in my virtual ‘Mindbody Retreat’, I will guide and coach you to develop self awareness and help you navigate turbulent times with acceptance and simple self-care practices so you can pave a more fulfilling and stable path forward.

The daily email and Mini Sessions are the heart of the retreat and will serve as ongoing guidance and encouragement so progress and momentum can be maintained well beyond the 28 days – a realistic time frame for lasting change.

At under $6 per day, my 28 Day Mindbody Retreat is a great investment in your ongoing development and mindbody wellbeing.

Join now and receive instant access to your 28 Day Mindbody Retreat. Payment plans available.

Jo Woods - Mindbody Retreat

4 weekly themes, 28 mini sessions


Day 1 Self Awareness

Day 2 Mindstate

Day 3 Thoughts

Day 4 Emotions

Day 5 Balanced View

Day 6 Root Cause

Day 7 Aspirational Mind


Day 8 Acceptance

Day 9 Impermanence

Day 10 The 3 Types of Experience

Day 11 Historical Events

Day 12 Family of Origin

Day 13 Self Esteem

Day 14 Problems & Pain


Day 15 Compassion

Day 16 Parts of the Self

Day 17 Understanding Anxiety

Day 18 Understanding Depression

Day 19 Triggers

Day 20 Vulnerability

Day 21 The Difference between Pain & Suffering


Day 22 Values

Day 23 Attachment & Aversion

Day 24 Non Judgement

Day 25 Mindfulness in Daily Life

Day 26 The Art of Self Discipline

Day 27 The ‘Good Enough’ Life

Day 28 Inner Peace

What's included?

Your access to The 28 Day Mindbody Retreat includes:

  • A Daily Topic Email’ introducing the topic of the day
  • A daily ‘Mini Session’ – a 5-10 minute video, see topic list above.
  • A ‘Weekly Theme Explainer’  
  • The 5 Self Care Practices – a section in your dashboard with my recommendations for daily and ongoing self care.
  • Mindbody Practices – calming practices for your mindbody.
  • The 5 Minute Yoga Library – to practice connection between mind, body and breath.

All the content in Mindbody Retreat is presented by Jo Woods, except for the yoga videos which are presented by Nickie Hanley.

Who's it for?

People feeling ….

  • Worn out from carrying an incessant load in daily life
  • Anxious about how to keep up with everything
  • Dissatisfied and insecure in their primary relationship
  • Disconnected and empty and not sure how to shift it
  • A lack of confidence, discipline and direction 
  • Overwhelmed and fearing burnout
  • Deflated/depressed about below par self-esteem and general wellbeing and time poor to get on top of it
  • Stuck

How will it help?

  • Learn self-awareness and self-attunement to support ongoing mindbody wellbeing
  • Develop psychological and emotional resilience to navigate stormy moments and rough passages – your ‘internal anchor’
  • Clarify visions for the future and a values aligned lifestyle -your ‘internal compass’
  • Habituate self care

Start your 28 Day Mindbody Retreat today!

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