Open Sessions

Join me for an ‘Open Session’ every month.

In these Zoom Meeting sessions, I offer insights, guidance and helpful practices for the development of self awareness, mindbody self care and relationship awareness and relationship care.

Developing awareness skills and self care practices is the key to improving relationship satisfaction and stability – including and most importantly, the one you have with yourself. 

How ‘Open Sessions’ work:

  • Book your spot in the next Open Session via this Book a Session link
  • The session starts at 6pm and runs for 30- 45 minutes
  • Cameras on please – be present as if we were in a room
  • There is no fee
  • You can just sit and listen – I won’t be engaging with you unless you want to ask a questions
  • The session will be informative, relatable and practical.
  • All registrants will be emailed a link to the recording the following day so if you’re unable to attend you can watch it later.


Jo Woods - Open Sessions

How Open Sessions are of value

  • Many of the issues you experience, others also experience, the group format serves to highlight this ‘commonality’, which can help normalise your problems and unstick you from feelings of isolation and hopelessness.
  • The information, guidance and practices I talk about will help you stay on track with your personal and relationship development.
  • The group environment has a sense of community that is uplifting for general wellbeing.
  • I include calming practices and self care practice reminders.


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