Personal Counselling-Coaching

If you’re looking for a competent and friendly counsellor-coach to help you work through a difficult issue or phase of life, I am here for you.

Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, depressive moods, a personal/health crisis, burnout, a relationship crisis (or just prior), the loss of a loved one, loss of direction, purpose or meaning or general ‘stuckness’, a desire or need to change the way you feel about yourself or about the way you’re living – I can help. Essentially our work together will improve your relationship with yourself – a critical part of improving your relationships with others.

If you’ve never had counselling before and wonder what it’s like…it’s just like talking to a wise caring friend, who listens intently and without any judgement whatsoever. A person who gently poses helpful questions to facilitate you finding your own answers and support you to do what’s required to resolve or learn to manage the issue/s at hand so you can get back into living life. Once we’ve achieved this important first step, our work moves in to coaching mode which aims to continue developing your self awareness (includes a strong focus on mental, emotional and physical health) and keep you on track with your values, visions and goals so that you can live mindfully and calmly deal with every challenge as it presents itself.

Generally, our work together would start with 4-6 sessions of ‘counselling’ and move into ‘coaching’ as agreed or required thereafter.

Video sessions available

Jo Woods - Personal Counselling-Coaching

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