Relationship Counselling

If you’re in the middle of a relationship crisis, heading towards one or simply wanting to learn how to manage and improve your relationships, I can help.

Whether the relationship you’re struggling with is with your partner or spouse, child or step child, parent or step parent, sibling or an important friend – it’s undoubtedly extremely challenging. For you and for the other person.

For Couples

Some of the most common issues couples come to counselling for are communication problems, anxiety, constant arguing, overwhelm, intimacy issues, disconnection, betrayal, excessive alcohol/drug use, health crisis, new baby transition, opposing parental views, financial disagreement, power struggles, staleness and stuckness. Then, of course, there are the couples who have decided to separate and need help to navigate that very tricky course which in a spousal relationship, may involve children.

For Families

I also work with family relationships and the complex dynamics that lie within them.

Relationship Counselling helps to clarify issues that lie behind hurtful words and behaviours and gently unhook from the dynamic the relationship is stuck in. Together, over time we will work on repairing damage, restoring trust and gradually building a new healthy and fulfilling way of relating and connecting with your family member – and, with yourself.

Video sessions available

Jo Woods - Relationship Counselling

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