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Mindbody Retreat

Jo Woods - Mindbody Retreat

Video Series

Over 28 days in your ‘Mindbody Retreat’, I will guide and coach you to develop self awareness, attuning you to your inner world where your experience of life actually happens. You will learn simple self-care practices to help you stay anchored in stormy moments and rough passages as well as clarifying your values and visions so you can be more sure-footed and satisfied in daily life. 

Relationship Retreat

Relationship Retreat

Jo Woods - Relationship Retreat

Video Series

Over 4 weeks I will guide and coach you to develop awareness and understanding about the dynamics and patterns that play out in your relationship.
You will learn practices that enable you to discuss issues calmly and kindly which will serve to shift stuck patterns and renew the pathways to friendship and connection.  

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Inward Retreat

Jo Woods - Inward Retreat

In-Person with Jo

Inward Retreat is a half day self awareness immersion designed to attune you to your mind and body which is where life satisfaction and inner peace is experienced. We will be particularly focussing on improving how you manage (relate) to unhelpful thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, memories, urges and actions as well as how to support the challenging emotions that accompany them.