Relationship Retreat

Relationship Retreat

Recalibrate Your Relationship

The Relationship Retreat is an online course for couples whose relationship is stuck in a negative pattern of communication and conflict and to date, all attempts to get unstuck haven’t worked casting a cloud of doubt over a future together. 

My objective is that by moving through the course, be it by yourself or with your partner/spouse you will gain a deeper understanding about what is at play for each of you when you lock horns in your pattern and thus releasing fresh energy to practice new ways of relating – to the triggering parts of yourselves and to each other.

This 4 week video course includes the information, strategies and practices I would usually cover over many private sessions with a couple; jointly and separately.

It may be beneficial to have a private session to help you implement what you learn from the retreat, however it’s certainly not necessary.

At just $41.25 per week, the Relationship Retreat is a cost effective way to get insights and understanding about the dysfunctions in your dynamic and learn new ways to communicate for mutual supportiveness, satisfaction and stability.

You are welcome to pay by instalments. .

Jo Woods - Relationship Retreat

Module Outlines

Understanding your relationship

We aim to develop an understanding about the dynamic that you’re stuck in and identify ways to begin changing it. We’ll cover attachment styles, family of origin influences, how to manage differences and how to begin ‘the new dance’ of mutually supportive relating.

Relationship values

In this session, we dive in to the value of values! Specifically the main values that cultivate a mutually supportive and satisfying relationship.

Buddhism for relationships

We explore a few concepts from Buddhism that explain why we get into distressing states – within ourselves and in our relationships. This is not a spiritual preaching session, the content serves the sole purpose of clarifying what is required to build a new, mutually secure and satisfying relationship.

Resetting your relationship

In this final module, we will cover the very common issues of ‘time’, connectedness, domestic life, how to have difficult conversations and the oft challenging domain of intimacy.

Gain understanding & learn new practices to help reset your relationship

Improve Communication

Do you have regular misunderstandings or disagreements that escalate and then don’t ever really get resolved?

Keep Conflict Calm

Do you have far too regular and intense episodes of conflict which leave one or both of you feeling hurt and resentful?

Deepen Connection: To Self and Each Other

Why is this happening and how do we get unstuck? Is the relationship saveable?

Meet Your Guide and Coach

Hi, I’m Jo Woods. I’m a Melbourne-based relationship counsellor and coach.

I work with many couples who are desperate to shift an unhealthy and unworkable dynamic. By moving through my Relationship Retreat you will gain a deeper understanding of what is really at play for each of you when you lock horns in your pattern as well as developing new ways of relating – to yourselves and to each other.

The retreat covers the information and practices I would usually cover over 4-6 sessions and as such, I have created it to provide a more cost and time-effective option for couples with challenges in these areas. It’s very effective. 


Most frequent questions and answers

‘Relationship Reset’ was written for couples stuck in a pattern of negative communication and conflict. It can be worked through by one or both (the ideal) people in the relationship.

It would also he helpful for singles to gain understanding of past relationship patterns and prepare to ‘do things differently’ next time.

It is NOT for couples who have recently suffered a major relationship event such as infidelity or betrayal. This needs to be repaired before resetting.

The course provides information and practices to help you change the negative pattern of communication and conflict in your relationship. The effectiveness of the course entirely depends on how well you absorb the information and most importantly, how consistent you are with the suggested practices. If you don’t seem to be able to get momentum with the practices then we  recommend you book a face-to-face session.

The course has been written to work through without sessions however if you find the concepts presented a bit foreign or you can’t quite work out how to implement it to your unique situation then it might be helpful to have a session or two, with me or another experienced relationship practitioner.

We’re happy to answer queries about the course via email, you can email us at and please include your phone number.

If you’re not satisfied with the retreat by the end of week 1, please contact me and if we’re unable to come up with a suitable path forward, you will receive a full refund.

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